In a rapidly changing world of work, career navigation is hard.

In fact, it's way harder than it should be.

Fondo is here to make career navigation easy and engaging.

Instead of thinking about careers as linear paths, Fondo treats the world of work as an interconnected ecosystem to help you explore a range of career pathways and build the skills you need to navigate the future of work.

You can think of us as your personalized career GPS.

Your career GPS

Whether it's trains, planes, or automobiles, new innovations have made finding our way easier than ever.

Unfortunately, the same isn't true for our careers. The world of work is changing so quickly, but the ways we navigate our career journeys are still stuck in the slow lane: relying on our existing network, following what worked for the previous generation, or just hoping for a stroke of luck.

Fondo uses the power of technology, community, and real-world content to make career navigation seamless and personal. Think of Fondo as your personal career GPS.

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From ladder to landscape

Careers used to be a linear path. You're on the ladder - don't look down... (or anywhere else?)

Now, they're a jungle gym - a whole landscape to explore. This is exciting, but it's not always easy to figure out.

What if you want to change job or industry but aren't sure how?
How do you build a network in a new place?
What if you don't know which path is the right one to take?

With Fondo you can map out multiple paths and explore a whole world of careers, skills, and opportunities.

  • bubble_chart Create your own unique career visualization
  • rotate_90_degrees_ccw View any industry from multiple angles

Discover something new

There are plenty of job boards out there, but what if you're not sure about what you want to do, or what may be possible? What if you don't know whether a job or area of work even exists yet?

We've got you covered. Fondo is about connecting dots and going beyond - we suggest new ideas you may not have previously considered, and surface the jobs of the future so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Get the right insight

We've handpicked a community of experts from across a diverse range of industries, companies, and experience. They're on hand to provide insight, guidance, feedback, and support to help you on your journey.

Want to share your knowledge and join us as an expert? We're accepting applications now.

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